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Wentworth season 4 trailer smashes online views

Wentworths4aThere’s some serious pent up demand for the  return of Foxtel hit prison drama, Wentworth,  if the release this week of the season 4 trailer is anything to go by.

Foxtel said today the trailer had “broken the internet” with over 1 million views for the new spot in its first 24 hours, making it one of Foxtel’s most watched trailers ever.

The demand comes following the announcement this week that season 4 would return on May 10 on basic drama channel Soho.

The 12-episode Fremantle Media Australia produced show – which currently airs in 90 countries globally – will have episodes  broadcast on Soho on Tuesdays at 8.30pm with catch up on Foxtel  streaming services Go and Anytime immediately after their Soho airing.

With notions of love and obsession underpinning the series, the story resumes four months after the events seen in the fiery season three finale. The women of H block are returning to Wentworth Correctional Centre to find a new dynamic is in play which will have immediate ramifications for Bea as Kaz Proctor has established a power base. On the outside, Franky is trying hard to be a productive member of society. And, as always, no-one should underestimate “the Freak”.

Wentworth S4 stars Danielle Cormack as Bea Smith, Nicole da Silva as Franky Doyle, Pamela Rabe as Joan Ferguson, Kate Atkinson as Vera Bennett, Celia Ireland as Liz Birdsworth, Shareena Clanton as Doreen Anderson, Katrina Milosevic as Sue “Boomer” Jenkins, Robbie Magasiva as Will Jackson, Socratis Otto as Maxine Conway, Tammy MacIntosh as Karen ‘Kaz” Proctor. New castmembers this season are Kate Jenkinson as Allie Novak, who appears from episode one, and Bernard Curry as Jake Stewart and Sigrid Thornton as Sonia Stevens, who are introduced later in the season. Support cast includes Libby Tanner as Bridget Westfall, Jacquie Brennan as Linda Miles, Martin Sacks as Derek Channing, Sally-Anne Upton as Lucy Gambaro, Charlie Tjoe as Tina Mercado and Ra Chapman as Kim Chang.

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  1. It is by far the best drama series on tv. Knocks OITNB out of the park, not that you can really even compare the two as Wentworth is a drama & OITNB is a comedy but some people do compare them. I can tell you honestly right now if you haven’t seen Wentworth you have no idea what you are missing, its outstanding tv with an exceptional cast who unlike alot of other tv series doesn’t have just a one star cast, each character is uniquely interesting.

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