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Filming on Offspring season 6 under way

offspring_S6Production is under way on the long awaited sixth season of Offspring for Network Ten, but producers Endemol Shine and Ten aren’t giving too much away … yet.

The show’s official twitter and facebook feeds show the shooting script for season 6 episode one with the caption “the script is on, filming begins”. And thats it.

The only clue as to the futures of the much loved Nina Proudman, and her crazy family comes with the naming of the scriptwriter, Jonathan Gavin. Gavin has penned the first episode of the new season and was the credited writer on the season 5 finale, giving continuity to the series. Between then and now he has worked on upcoming ABC TV drama Cleverman as well as The Beautiful Lie which was produced by the Offspring team of Imogen Banks and John Edwards.

Gavin has worked on Offspring since its beginning, back in 2010.

Patrick Brammall, who starred as Leo, the male nurse that Nina had found happiness with at the end of season 5, posted an equally non-committal comment on twitter.

Ten announced in September that it had commissioned a sixth season of the popular drama after a year’s hiatus and discussions over financing of the series, and its expected that the bulk of the cast will return including Asher Keddie, who plays Nina, and Kat Stewart, who plays Nina’s sister Billie.

Since then however, series creator Debra Oswald has said that she is not working on the show and producer John Edwards has left Endemol Shine, leaving the new series to be steered by long term producer Imogen Banks

We will wait for an announcement with details on the new cast from Network Ten.


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